blue pitbull puppies forsaleXXL Bully-Puppy-Honcho-DaughterFor the past 10 years the demand for blue nose pit­bull pup­pies has been been in huge dmand. Every one is breed­ing blue pit­bulls and has blue pit­bull pup­pies for sale.You can find blue pit­bull pup­pies on sites like hoobly or kijiji and other pet clas­si­fied adds like k9 stud and bul­li­fieds. Breed­ing blue pit­bull pup­pies has become a trend and in my opin­ion has become  harm­ful to the blue nose pit­bull and pit­nulls in gen­eral. Even thought the demand is high for the blue pit­bull the sup­ply is even higher, peo­ple see  the blue pit­bull as a quick buck instead of a lov­ing com­pan­ion, and in most cases they real­ize breed­ing blue pit­bulls is not as lucra­tive as they thought and  in many cases are sell­ing 50 dol­lar pup­pies to any body that has the money. The rea­son I am writ­ing this is my con­cern for the blue pit­bull, I recently vis­ited my local pound and was sad­dened by the amount of pit­bulls wait­ing to be euth­a­nized. As blue pit­bull breeder myself I look at what can i do to curb the prob­lem. I only do a few blue pit­bull breed­ings per year and make sure they all go to lov­ing homes, my blue pit­bull pup­pies do cost alot more then pup­pies you might find on hob­bly or kijiji but i beleieve that is partly why they end up in bet­ter home, not say­ing peo­ple with lower income dont love there blue pit­bull pup­pies just as much but when pay­ing more you are a lit­tle more apt to first keep­ing the dog and 2nd treat­ing it with more value,some peo­ple buy a blue pit­bull puppy for $50 on hoobly and treat it as if its dis­pos­able and you will find the shel­ters full of the­ses poor ani­mals. I try to sell all my blue pit­bull pup­pies to great forever homes where they will not be used as a way to make a quick buck but will be loved and treated as fam­ily. Buy­ing form a rept­able blue pit­bull ken­nel is all­ways a good idea all of our breed­ings are planned an thought out for at times years in advance all our blue pit­bull blood­li­nes are proven and have sound tem­per­me­ants and are raised around our fam­ily. Pur­chas­ing a blue pit­bull puppy should be no dif­fer­ent then buy­ing a car do your research and plan on hav­ing it for plenty of years to come , this is an impor­tant deci­sion and you will be adding a new addi­tion to your fam­ily. I n clos­ing I will say this the blue pit­bull is the most amaz­ing breed i have encoun­tered but we must pre­serve this awe­some spec­i­men and not sup­port back yard breed­ers they are no dif­fer­ent then peo­ple sell­ing bootleg movies they might be cheaper but there is no guran­tee in the qual­ity and many times there is flwas that you find out about later and the seller has no account­abilty. A real blue pit­bull ken­nel should offer a con­tract that guran­tees your pup­pies soundess and that he or she is free from health issues. Buy­ing your first blue pit­bull pup­pies is a big deci­sion so choose wisely,and  cheaper is not all­ways bet­ter dont be fooled buy some of the­ses back yard breed­ers sell­ing $50 pup­pies on kijiji an hoobly a qual­ity amer­i­can bully can be quite pricey but in the end this is a deci­sion that will be with yo for the next 8 — 15 years so choose your blue pit­bull wisely



  1. hey m8 just want­ing 2 kno if u have any pup­pies left i am after a female one of head hon­cho n denali pupps if i could please how much will i b look­ing at r u in aus­tralia if not can u send over thank u

    • Thank you brad for your intrest in our pup­pies. We have our pick female from Hon­cho x Mackie available,and a lit­ter that just dropped with a few males avail­able.

  2. What is the price range on your blue pups. Im plan­ning on get­ting a male soon.

  3. So do u have some pup­pies for sale or what


  4. Hi Royal fam­ily i hope al is Good.
    Do you have any pups avilibal ? And Can du sens Me some pic of older pups to if Ira pos­si­ble
    Kind Rea­gards Tom

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