One of the for­got­ten traits, There was a time when the tem­per­me­ant of our beloved blue pit­bulls was the most impor­tant qual­ity a buyer was look­ing for in there blue pit­bull puppy. With the start of the xl xxl and extreme amer­i­can bul­lies that has seem to be a trait peo­ple have for­got­ten about due to the size race, with breeds like presa canareo neopoli­tan mas­tiff and amer­i­can bull­dog being mixed in it is alot harder to con­trol tem­per­me­ant due to the fact peo­ple are mix­ing dogs that are bred to be man stop­pers / human agres­sive. In the past few months there has been some tragic acci­dents in the xxl pit­bull com­mu­nity and I am ask­ing all Breed­ers and poten­tial xxl blue pit­bull buy­ers please be aware of your future pit­bull pup­pies temeprmeant and his ances­tors tem­per­me­ant , that is why we do not rec­om­mend buy­ing your blue pit­bull puppy from just any breed­ers please make sure they are a cred­i­ble breeder. thank you and God bless

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