XXL Bully Head Honcho

kimbo” xxl  bully pit­bull     “head hon­cho” xl bully pit­bull






The evo­lu­tion of the amer­i­can bully has been phe­nom­i­nal to say the least. I can remem­ber the first time  see­ing rbg “El Jefe”.  I had never wit­nessed an Amer­i­can Bully with such a com­mand­ing pres­ence.  His mus­cle tone was unbe­liev­able and I had never seen a head like that on any ani­mal,  let alone a 105 lb pit­bull. Over that past 8 years our breed has gone through a dra­matic change, largely due to what I call the size race.   Some went small,  hence the pocket pits like DAX, and MIAGI . Other xl bully ken­nels chose to go big­ger and cre­ate xxl bul­lies like Bully Empire’s “SOLDIER” and  Royal Blood line “KING LIGER” . The rea­son I am writ­ing this arti­cle is to pose this ques­tion.  Is big­ger bet­ter and how big is too big for our beloved breed? Don’t get me wrong I love our xtreme xl bully pit­bulls and our gigan­tic xxl bul­lies, but are we will­ing to sac­ri­fice struc­ture for size?  Can we keep that clas­sic bully pit­bull look on a 160 lb frame? I will say this. Here at ROYAL FAMILY BULLIES  we will con­tinue to strive to pro­duce xl bul­lies and xxl bul­lies that still have struc­ture and size. We will not sac­ri­fice struc­ture for slop. We strive to put that clas­sic rbg “El Jefe” look on a 150 lb “sol­dier” frame.

Thanks for check­ing us out.  We are look­ing for­ward to hear­ing your opin­ions on the xl bully pit­bull evo­lu­tion.  Con­tinue to check back for new arti­cles. thank you and God bless!


  1. Really great arti­cle.. Keep them com­ing.

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